FARMER Quality Pecan Nuts from the Bo-Karoo



  • Karoo Pecans are personally picked to ensure excellent quality. Our nuts are vacuum packed to seal in the best possible quality.

  • Quality can be guaranteed by ensuring that the correct packing and storing methods are used. Pecan nuts can be stored up to 18 months and still have the same texture, colour and taste as the day when it was packed. No insecticides are used during producing of the nuts.

  • Quality nuts are characterised by a firm light brown kernel, and a well developed nutty taste.

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Karoo Pekans' vision is to supply only the highest quality pecan nuts to the South African market throughout the year.

Only biological farming methods are used in Karoo Pekans' pecan nut orchids. No pesticides are used during farming. Fertilisers are from natural origin only. Orchids are practised according to the EuropGap method.

Karoo Pekans' shelling plant is situated in the small town of Orania in the Bo-Karoo - Orange river district. We strive to qualify according to the highest standards of processing quality.

Karoo Pekans are cultivated in a Grade A area. The Bo-Karoo Oranje River district is one of the most favourable areas in South Africa for growing Pecan nuts. Exceptionally high summer temperatures, for most months of the year and low temperatures during a short winter period with ample water supply favours this area as the ideal area in South Africa for growing pecan nuts. No poisonous substances were used when growing Karoo Pekans.
source : Die verbouing van pekanneute, Instituut vir Tropiese en Subtropiese gewasse, Landbou Navorsingsraad, E.A. de Villiers