FARMER Quality Pecan Nuts from the Bo-Karoo



  • Karoo Pecans are personally picked to ensure excellent quality. Our nuts are vacuum packed to seal in the best possible quality.

  • Quality can be guaranteed by ensuring that the correct packing and storing methods are used. Pecan nuts can be stored up to 18 months and still have the same texture, colour and taste as the day when it was packed. No insecticides are used during producing of the nuts.

  • Quality nuts are characterised by a firm light brown kernel, and a well developed nutty taste.


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Karoo Pekans
processing plant

Karoo Pekans is situated at N24 Olienhout road, in the industrial area of Orania in the province of the Nothern Cape, South Africa.

Pecan nuts is a winter fruit which is yearly harvested during the months of May until June.

The challenge of storing pecan nuts successfully in order to retain quality, starts at the day of the harvest. Storing nuts by applying the correct storing methods, even before it is shelled, ensures Karoo Pekans the cutting edge.

Processing is done by the cracking, shelling, sorting for quality and by vacuum packing for the market. Some shelling which could not successfully be done by automatic processes must still be done by hand.

Karoo Pekans can guarantee freshness for up to two years, by applying the correct shelling and storing methods.

Careful recordkeeping from the onset of procurement, cracking, shelling, storing stock in a cold room, enables Karoo Pekans to attain information which is used to constantly better processes as well as by giving nut producers valuable feedback of their product.